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dubi - a passion


We love to roll with activated carbon filters!

For a long time no solution could satisfy our demand for highest quality. That is why, after four years of R&D, we have managed to build a filter with minimal drag, excellent taste and no clogging issues.

A filter that was developed for rolling!


100% more and sustained airflow than any other filter!

Independently conducted studies with the most commonly available activated carbon filters show clearly, that dubi is obviously the best choice when it comes to the most important filter criterias, such as airflow, drag and taste. Learn more at porchdavis.


 Quelle:  2022

dubi - in the press

A collection of dubi in the news

FILTERLOS, das Magazin für alle Tabaktrafiken, Ausgabe 10/2019

FILTERLOS, das Magazin für alle Tabaktrafiken, Ausgabe 11/2021


available online and in select shops

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smooth smoking


highest quality activated carbon

made from untreated coconut shell

(min. 1100 m²/g)

innovative ceramic design on both sides

untreated, natural filtering paper

dubi has a uniquely high airflow

a dubi will do its job, even in cold and wet climates

with dubi you taste what you are rolling

Convince yourself and try dubi in a shop near you!


for german businesses and shops more information is available at


and at

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or at

for Austrian businesses and shops more information is available at

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private customers are able to order online at



pleasure at it's highest peak

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